Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rubber Duckie...

and Wrinkley

Thanks to Carmi for the prompt of wet.


Or this?
rubber duckie

Indecision central here.

Second concept 365 pick:

I'm coordinated in some sense
I'm coordinated in some sense!
my socks and ipod sock match.
totally accidental and as coordinated as I'm likely to get today.


  1. Nice addition to the theme wet that looks like one happy rubber duckie. Gosh your better at the colour co-ordination than me I've even been wearing odd socks for the last few days as our washing clothes system is a case of as and when the husband takes it out the wash basket, matching clothes just doesn't enter his equation LOL

  2. In the kids' bathroom, there's a picture hanging on the wall that I took years ago. It's of a rubber duckie that my beloved uncle bought for me when I was a kid. It became the central focus of our time together, and he still laughs about it to this day.

    Thanks for the flashback, Pearl. This is delightful.

    (Oh, I'm thinking of getting an iPod touch to replace my failing media player/voice recorder. Do the socks do the job or should I get a fitted case?)

  3. Thanks Max.

    Hi Chibi. Matching socks are a lot to ask for from some days.

    Welcome Carmi. The socks do the job for me. They keep it clean, wash easily. The prevent any bangs, insulate against drops.