Saturday, June 25, 2011

Small Press Fair Finds

small press fair finds
Some of the papery things that I got (or could have got but already had) at the Ottawa small press fair: Sweet by Dani Couture (Pedlar), The Little Seamstress by Phil Hall (Pedlar), Swallowing Spiders Whole by Warren Dean Fulton (Poems-for-All), Ivan's Birches by Barry Dempster (Pedlar) She May be Weary by Cameron Anstee (St. Andrew's Books), In/words issue 10.2, The Others Raisd in Me by Gregory Betts (Pedlar), Last Call by Warren Dean Fulton (pooka press broadsheet) Chromatic Beliefs (Tree Press/Phafours), Missing Persons by rob mclennan (mercury) Accidentals by Claudia Coutu Radmore (Apt. 9), re dis un cover by Pearl Pirie (pahfours), Active Pass by Jane Monroe (Pedlar), Exit Interview by Jim Smith (Apt. 9), Postscripts to Darkness edited by Sean Moreland and Dominik Parisien (Ex Hubris Imprints)

Don't think I even made it around to half the tables this round. But I made back the money to have a table, covered all I bought and still had dozens of dollars left over.



  1. Seems how I feel with all my birthday book orders arriving on the same day...working on yours, 'been shed bore' now...

  2. ah, lovely. a pile of books is a sound surround.