Sunday, July 17, 2011

floating in a lake of pain

floating in a lake of pain
the massage therapy helped me feel more towards human.

I can ignore and screen out a lot until it shuts me down.

pain is just a sensation. nausea is an ornery sensation I can't screen out.

exhaustion and blare blurt of weepy brain is just an impediment that is sporadic.

I become an unreliable narrator of whatever I perceive, can see my own skew darkening. I hate that.

I'm pruned and am done with it now.

My pain threshold is low and dropping innocuous gestures and movements give an inordinate tiredness. there's general fatigue, ache, tenderness and pains taking turns at most of me.

Take that body. I see your pain and raise you 2 tylenol, 1 anti-histamine and 2 bowls of chocolate ice cream.

bother x → ∞.

the lighting symbols have prescience. some of the joint jobbies was barometric pressure drop. bang up lighting storm.


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