Saturday, July 30, 2011

Read this

read this

If you haven't read This Heated Place: Encounters in the Promised Land, you can still correct that. Lucid, detailed, fascinating, well-written, comprehensive, eye-opening. If you don't get what's going on in Israel or what the Palestinians are on about, here's the ticket.



  1. Hi Pearl,

    I spoke too soon about being able to access Humanyms; no sooner had I made the comment (if indeed you received it) and I could no longer access your page. Neither Safari nor Firefox work. It worked once today on Safari. I'll keep trying.


  2. Me again. I can get to the online chapbook and navigate to the poems, but not to Humanyms when I go directly to

  3. it must be something at your end. people around here can access it and people are leaving comments fine.

  4. you got directly from the base url? that's 7 years out of date.